Despite its shortage of nice existence, dimensional domains communicate an abundance of significant facts about actual, rational, and you may religious facts

For that reason, he is well worth detail by detail studies and study. Listed below are some of all things the genuine CoDD study away from TDVP shows in the dimensional domains:

E. Schwartz and you may Meters

When you look at the domains with 1 courtesy step three size, ranges is actually mentioned, and you will phenomena is demonstrated, with respect to integer multiples off Genuine (quantum equality tools) of one’s CoDD. Nonetheless they should be measured and you can discussed when it comes to integer multiples of fictional number during the domains that have 4 compliment of 6 proportions, and also in terms of integer multiples regarding specific advanced amounts, known as the nth root off unity, inside the domains that have 7 or maybe more proportions. This unitary change from integers in order to fictional numbers, to advanced quantity try statistically essential for a regular quantized breakdown of one’s rotation and you may projection of geo-centric dimensional domains towards hyper-dimensional domains. Proof it is apparently straight-send utilising the CoDD and you may application of the fresh Pythagorean Theorem. The brand new Research, interpreted with the antique simple statistical notation, has been wrote in a lot of courses and you will files, some of which is actually placed in one or two blogposts: Sources . I phone call the process of rotation and inflatable projection from a single dimensional website name toward second you to definitely, Dimensional Extrapolation because demonstrates the way in which both awareness and physical reality grow.

Last year, the first CoDD study I did, using Real quantum arithmetic, were to explain in detail the combination of quarks to create protons, the new sandwich-nuclear organizations that, along with electrons, function most of the steady building blocks of the natural facets of periodic desk. What i found, are stunning, even in the event something such as it has to was indeed requested in the moment I provided understanding regarding concept of the essential difference of your own first calculus in the 1986 to own application during the quantum size out-of physical reality. You to breakthrough is actually the current presence of numerous incidents off Genuine equipment regarding low-bodily gimmel at the heart from actual reality, an undeniable indicator from understanding – actually the new fingerprints of Jesus popping up on the really plentiful steady object of your actual world, the fresh new proton. Look for footnotes indeed Begins with Awareness, Neppe and you will Close (2011) and you will my personal part about AAPS Regularity I, first model named Are Consciousness Top? Modified because of the Drs G.

Triadic Rotational Devices off Equality (TRUE) are discussed from the mass and you can volume of this new free electron, attaching the quantum math of your CoDD so you’re able to physical reality, and you may Dimensional Extrapolation are an analytical process analogous with the mindful direction, by the rotation and you may projection, of a keen letter-dimensional website name towards the a keen n+1 dimensional domain. The look of gimmel regarding the CoDD Correct data of your blend of two-up-quarks and something off-quark to create a great proton, in addition to links the analysis to awareness, providing a grounds into the combination lumen out of awareness, spirituality, and you may actual facts.

H. Woollacott (2019)

Dimensional domain names was geometrical models you to definitely originate in the logical framework off awareness and get zero lives of one’s own. A site is scheduled from the level of size must define it, nevertheless level of dimensions as well as the extent of these size are entirely influenced by the fresh domain’s stuff from size, energy, and gimmel. In the jobs to describe relativistic outcomes, physicists and you may research editors usually identify area or spacetime being warped, curved, otherwise altered by the bulk. But there’s zero instance procedure as the bent or distorted place, day, spacetime, or people hyper-dimensional part. Curvilinear routes out-of swinging items are due to the new shipment from the latest density out-of compound contained in this a domain name. This is actually what exactly is recognized inside the progressive physics given that good occupation.


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