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Five Reasons Why You Need to Get Tinder When You’re Abroad

Five Reasons Why You Need to Get Tinder When You’re Abroad

Okay, it’s time to talk about Tinder. Don’t worry; this article isn’t going to make you feel horrible about yourself if you use it. We get it, we know the story. dating nowadays is tough. Some people might even say that dating culture doesn’t exist anymore.

For reasons like this, so many people turn to Tinder in hopes of meeting new people (guilty as charged). This isn’t to say that people who use the app don’t believe in true love but sometimes it just comes down to the fact that we live in a busy, fast-paced society and it’s an easy way to get to know others.

Alright, I’m not completely naive. I know that there are a lot of individuals who use Tinder to find ‘easy’ hookups (everyone knows that’s why it first started) but I’m here to make a case that it can be used for much more than that.

Prefacing what I’ll say next with the fact that “tinder culture” is really different depending on where you are. I know that in the states, it is an extremely different experience than what it might be living in other countries. When I was in New York, I’d have the app for a couple of days, read the messages I would receive with a raised eyebrow and then lose a bit of faith in society. Since moving abroad to Spain, I’ve become a huge Tinder advocate for many reasons… don’t worry America, hopefully you’ll catch up soon.

When I first moved to Murcia, I was really hesitant to download the app because I know how creeped out I got using it in the US. Of course, I thought about the pro’s and con’s and realized that it wouldn’t hurt to try. Read more

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